nic gotch photography

image courtesy of Antoinette Haselhorst

I rediscovered my love of the still image after a 15 year career in Broadcast TV Production working with the moving image. I intuitively moved towards the Still-Life photographic art that I now create. My collections of circular artworks note the subtle aspects of the seasonal changes, the shift in romantic emotions over time and the underlying nuances of Victorian fairytales.

I use a Fuji x100 camera and do not use any filters or special effects. The images are created using mirrors and reflections. My modern influences include Robert Maplethorpe and Georgia O'Keefe but I tend towards using a Pre-raphaelite and Dutch Master colour pallette. My work has a very painterly look which is aided by printing onto specialist fine art papers.

I am a founding member of the North London  Photographic Society and my qualifications include:

B.A.  English Literature & Visual Studies

MA.   Film & TV Production

Open University Diploma in Design


After seeing my artwork at the Other Art Fair in Holborn, I had a lovely meeting with Antoinette Haselhorst and was interviewed for her successful online blog C-A-K-E.  I am delighted to be included in her coterie of artists who she has hand-picked from emerging contemporary artists in the UK. For more details of my background and artwork her article can be read here: